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Smitten Post Bite Roll-on

Smitten is an effective blend to soothe bites from insects such as Mosquitos and Sandflies. A special combination of gentle 100% pure essential oils of Kunzea, Lavender and Copaiba, with Calendula and Sandalwood Nut carrier oils, Smitten is family friendly. Conveniently packaged in a travel-sized roller applicator, Smitten is perfectly sized to keep in your […]

Mozz Away Roll On

Crafted from 100% natural ingredients and DEET free, our Mozz Away Roll On will keep mosquitoes, sandflies and bushflies at bay. Safe for use by the whole family and made in a convenient, travel friendly roll on, this product is a summer must. Perfect for camping, fishing, hiking and an array of outdoor activities. For […]

Sandalwood Mozzie Picnic Pack

This handy Mozzie Picnic Pack is lightweight, travel friendly, and is ideal for picnics, camping or a day by the river. Included in the pack is a vibrant yellow standing diffuser for bold visibility, with a detachable spike for easy insertion into the ground, along with two bundles of our Mozzie Picnic Sticks. With a […]

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