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Shoe Refresh Spray

Do your joggers or your children’s school shoes need a little aromatic attention?
Refresh your shoes with this easy to make DIY shoe deodoriser.

What you need:
100ml Spray bottle
– 40ml Witch Hazel
– 50ml Distilled Water
– 5 drops Tea Tree Essential Oil
– 7 drops Lemon Essential Oil
– 3 drops Thyme White Essential oil
– 5 drops Peppermint Essential Oils
– 40-50 drops Solubiliser


1. In your spray bottle combine the essential oils and solubiliser and swirl around really well to ensure they are combined.
2. Add Witch Hazel and again swirl the ingredients to combine together.
3. Add the distilled water, add the spray top on and shake to combine.

How to use:
Spray the insides of the shoes well, ensuring the spray reaches right up to the toes of the shoes. Allow shoes to dry completely before wearing.

Other Information:

Because this spray isn’t preserved, it is recommended to use within a month or so to avoid bacterial growth. Storing in the refrigerator may assist in extending its shelf life.

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