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Refreshing Room Spray

Refresh your living spaces with this DIY room spray. Room Sprays are very easy to make, can be created with minimal cost and of course are all natural!

What you need:
100ml amber PET or glass bottle with spray top
– 50ml Witch Hazel
– 50ml Distilled Water
– 5 drops Pine Scotch Essential Oil
– 5 drops Valencia Orange Essentail Oil
– 5 drops Lemon Essential Oil
– 5 drops Bergamot Essential Oil
– dispersant/solubilizer (optional – use as per suppliers recommendations)


Drop the Essential Oils into the bottle and swirl to combine. If using a dispersant/solubilizer, add this to the Essential Oils (as per suppliers recommendations) and shake gently side to side to combine. Next add the witch hazel, swirl to combine, then top with distilled water, screw on the spray top and shake well. To use, shake well before spritzing around your chosen room.

Other Information:

– Store your spray in the fridge to increase shelf life and avoid spoilage.
– Use within 2-3 weeks, due to being preservative free.
– Distilled (or boiled and cooled water) is vital, to avoid spoilage.

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