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Wintergreen Essential Oil


Gaultheria procumbens

With a fresh, minty and crisp scent, Wintergreen is an evergreen plant native to North America.  This potent essential oil possesses soothing properties and may be helpful to soothe soreness and stiffness when applied to muscles and joints.  May also be useful to the respiratory system during the winter months.

Additional information


10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml


cool, fresh, minty, sweet and camphoraceous

Distillation Method

Steam (leaves)


muscle and joint support, respiratory support, cooling

Country of Origin

North America

Safety Notes

To be used with caution – in low dilutions, on small areas of the body only and for short periods of time. Patch test first. Do not use it on blood thinning medication, those with stomach ulcers, around major surgery or bleeding disorders. Should not be used either topically or via inhalation with babies, children, pregnant or breastfeeding women. Not to be used if you have a salicylate sensitivity. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. Max dermal usage 2.4%

Main Component

methyl salicylate, gaultherilene


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