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Sandalite – Blend


Santalum spicatum

Sandalite is a unique house blend of our West Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil and Sandalwood Nut Oil intended for topical use. This oil is the perfect blend to nourish and repair skin, with the soothing, immune and relaxing properties of Western Australian Sandalwood Essential Oil mixed with the toning and tightening qualities of Sandalwood Nut Oil, Sandalite is a must have for your skincare regime.

Additional information


10ml, 25ml


skin care, relaxation, meditation, sleep support


woody, nutty, smokey, musky with a subtle sweetness

Distillation Method

Supercritical C02 extraction (Nuts)

Country of Origin

Australia (Western Australia)

Safety Notes

Dilute in a carrier oil or moisturiser before applying to skin.


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