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Pine Resin


Also known as Pine Rosin (colophony), our Pine Resin is a golden honey in colour and semi transparent. Initially collected as an oleoresin exudate from a variety of pine trees, the resin is extracted through a heating or solvent process. Pine resin is a popular ingredient for making beeswax cloth wraps. Beeswax on its own can be too brittle, but the addition of Pine Resin helps provide extra flexibility to allow the wraps to mold to what they are wrapping, and also provides tackiness to improve the wraps ability to grip and cling to food or containers. Pine Resin is also used in carpentry, with musical instruments and chewing gum, and we’ve even heard of it being used in surfboard wax or in skin salves.

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180g – of variable sized resin chunks

How to use for beeswax wraps

To use the resin in beeswax wraps, melt the resin together with beeswax and jojoba oil in a double boiler on the stovetop, stirring often to combine. It is suggested to use a saucepan set aside for this purpose, not one used for food, as the resin is very sticky. Cover baking sheets with baking or parchment paper and lay your fabric onto these. Once the wax/oil mix has melted, paint the mixture on to your fabric until fully covered. Then place them in the oven (low heat) for a few minutes to help saturate the fabric. Remove from the oven and hang over a drying rack until completely cooled.

For the ratio of ingredients for beeswax wraps try 1 part resin – 4 parts beeswax – 1 jojoba oil.

For any excess wax/oil mixture, we’ve seen clever people pour their leftover mix into small silicone molds then allowed to cool. These can be grated and reused for the next batch of wraps!


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