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Peppermint Essential Oil


Mentha x piperita

Peppermint is a popular culinary herb and its essential oil has long been used in food flavouring. Our Tasmanian Peppermint essential oil is a sweet, bright and fresh versatile essential oil. Peppermint can be used as a relaxing and cooling foot bath, inhaled to clear the head and airways, and may be useful in soothing headaches. Peppermint may assist in calming muscle tension and soreness and digestive upsets. With its fresh, uplifting menthol aroma, Peppermint may help alleviate mental fatigue.

Additional information


10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml


fresh and sweet with a characteristic penetrating peppermint aroma

Distillation Method

Steam (leaves)

Main Component

menthol, menthone, menthyl acetate & cineol


muscle and joint support, digestive support, circulation support, respiratory support, pest repellent (fleas & ants), uplifting, refreshing

Country of Origin

Australia (Tasmania)

Safety Notes

Considered to be non-toxic and non-sensitising, however can cause dermal and mucus membrane irritation. Avoid with children under 3 years (inhalation or topically), due to the menthol in Peppermint can be neurotoxic or slow breathing if applied on or near the face. Avoid cardiac fibrillation and C6PD deficiency. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a qualified healthcare professional before using essential oils. Maximum dermal rate 5%, however as this is a potent essential oil, less is best.


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