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Patchouli Essential Oil


Pogostemon cablin

This intensely grounding essential oil is produced from the leaves of the bushy perennial herb, found within the mint family. Whilst useful for all skin types, Patchouli essential oil is particularly helpful in skincare for calming complexions with irritated skin and for damaged skin. A wonderful addition to meditation blends for its peaceful relaxing and grounding capabilities, which also makes it a very useful essential oil for stress or convalescent related conditions. Used extensively as a base note and fixative in perfumery, its richly sensual aroma adds depth to blends with a hint of sweet earthiness. Try Patchouli in the diffuser with citrus oils and Sandalwood for a deliciously relaxing aroma.

Additional information


10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml


a complex combination of soft and sweet cool earthy, woody and musky notes, with a touch of smoke

Distillation Method

Steam (leaves)

Main Component

patchouli alcohol, a-bulnesene, a-guaiene, seychellene


anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, skin care and acute skin support, digestive support, muscle and joint support, sleep support, respiratory support

Country of Origin


Safety Notes

Considered non-toxic, non-irritating and non-sensitising. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult with a qualified practitioner before using.


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