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One Stop Camping Pack


Perfect for summer holiday camping – without the bugs. The One Stop Camping Pack contains all you need for your next camping trip, to protect you, your family and guests whilst adventuring out in the wilds this summer. The One Stop Camping Pack includes our Picnic Diffuser with two packs of mosquito sticks, a 100ml Cape Rose Geranium Tick Spray, a 95ml Mozz Away Spray and a 15ml Smitten roll on (for those bites that remind you get your camping pack into action!). Included: 1 x Picnic Diffuser (17cm L x 5.5cm D) with detachable ground spike (15cm L) 2 x packets of Mozzie Sticks – each pack contains 6 sticks (burning time of upto 2hrs each) 1 x 95ml Mozz Away Spray 1 x 100ml Cape Rose Geranium Tick Spray 1 x 15ml Smitten Rollon

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