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Mozzie Stick and Diffuser Pack


This handy pack includes a black metal powder coated mobile diffuser that comes with two packets of our Mozzie Sticks. Designed for use in outdoor areas, the diffuser can be placed on the ground or hung, and has multiple openings for the smoke to be released through, therefore covering a larger area. To keep children and pets safe, when in use this diffuser is not hot to touch as it does not come into contact with the burning mozzie stick. With a pleasant woody, smoky scent, our Mozzie Sticks have a Sandalwood base, with a special blend of Citronella and Eucalyptus oil. These sticks will burn for up to 3 hours to keep mosquitos and other flying insects away.

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1 x Black Metal Outdoor Powder coated diffuser diameter 9cm base x 4cm core x 32cm high, 2 x Packets of Mozzie sticks – each packet contains 5 x Sticks (32cm L x 1cm W). – burning time up to 3hr


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