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Flinders Island Essential Oil

(2 customer reviews)


Kunzea ambigua, Melaleuca ericifolia

Our exclusive Flinders island blend is a unique wild harvest and co-distillation of Rosalina (Melaleuca ericifolia), Kunzea (Kunzea ambigua), local Eucalyptus and Leptospermum species along with Flinders Island wild Boronia (Boronia anemonifolia). These plants grow together harmoniously on Tasmania’s Flinders Island and together give rise to an oil with anti-inflammatory, deodorising and calming properties.

Additional information


10ml, 25ml, 50ml, 100ml


earthy with a slight spicy undertone, Floral, green, herbal, sweet

Distillation Method

Steam (flowers and other aerial parts)

Main Component

(E)-isocitral, alpha-pinene and linalool, citral (neral & geranial), geraniol, limonene, myrcene


anti-inflammatory, muscle strain, relaxation, deodorant, perfumery

Country of Origin

Australia (Tasmania) – Flinders island

Safety Notes

Patch test before using. Oxidised oil may cause irritation, avoid using old oil. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children. If pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a qualified healthcare practitioner before using.

2 reviews for Flinders Island Essential Oil

  1. Aromagolic

    I was expecting something quite “medical”, but this exclusive oil turned out to be really “perfumery” in taste. With all the advantages of their medicinal plants, the joint distillation of Australian endemics has produced a result that is difficult, even impossible, to achieve by simply mixing different oils. The unique, both soft and powerful fragrance is incredibly attractive, you can enjoy it for hours. Sweet, green, herbaceous, with woody and earthy notes, the fragrance is very complex and multifaceted. In the diffuser, it sounds simply amazing, bringing a sense of relaxation, peace of mind and spiritual balance. I’m going to be getting a massage soon, and I want to use this oil. I have no doubt that the result will be excellent.

  2. Dragonsprings

    The very notion of co-distillation of something is always awesome (I’m a fanatic of such things!) and also the therapeutic qualities of the “island” I think they are impeccable! As for the aroma, then I would put only four stars maximum .. I would not call it perfumery! complex, grassy-earthy (at the same time soft!) and I lack some kind of “flower-spring joy” in it

  3. Shop manager

    Thank you so much for taking the time to review Flinders Island EO! Co-distillation is indeed a wonderful and intriguing undertaking, the resulting aromatics are exciting additions for the world of aromatherapy and perfumery!

    We would agree that the aroma of Flinders Island is perhaps not what one would call entirely perfume-y’. Much of the plant matter used in this co-distillation would be leaves, branches and stems, with some flowers, explaining why this oil doesn’t have a more floral aroma.

    Of course each nose is different, however Flinders Island EO can absolutely be used in the context of scent. We find it’s dry down unfolds the softness that you mentioned, with hints of lavender-esque sweetness from the Rosalina, layered with the warm sweet grass and earthy depths of Kunzea, freshness of Eucalyptus and spicy medicinal undertones. It’s an intriguing scent!

    We hope you enjoy getting to know this oil.

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