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australian essential oils

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5% Rose Essential Oil

Damascena Rose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena) & Jojoba Oil (Simmondsia chinensis) 


Aladin Glass Diffuser

This nebuliser has a unique design based on Aladdin’s Lamp, with a wooden base and a glass vessel that displays a range of coloured light while diffusing. This stunning piece is well suited for those who wish to diffuse in larger areas, using pure essential oil without water. With a twistable knob to turn on […]

Allergy Aid

Allergy Aid is a blend that aims to provide support and relief to those who suffer during seasonal changes. A refreshing and soothing aroma that fuses Lemon, Tasmanian Lavender, Rosemary, Lime, Peppermint and Roman Chamomile. With herbaceous, citrus, and minty tones this blend may assist the respiratory system and ease symptoms such as congestion and […]


Aloe Vera Gel

A cool, soothing gel which can either be applied to the skin as it is, used as a base for gel products or added to creams for moisturising or thickening.


Aroma Cube

The cube design boasts a stylish natural honeyed toned wood look base that will complement the décor of any home. Designed for longer diffusion, the Aroma Diffuser – Large holds a larger capacity of water (500ml), operating up to 12 hours on the low intensity setting. A dual fragrance intensity setting allows the user to […]


Aroma Glow

The Aroma Gow is a small sized diffuser that glows rainbow colours while diffusing. Perfect to help your child relax and drift off to sleep, the ultrasonic waves instantly vaporize the water and essential oils or blends, producing a cool dry fragrant mist. Product Features 200ml water capacity 7 shades of soothing LED colour 3 […]

Aus Relax

Aus Relax has been carefully developed to only include essential oils that have been distilled from plants grown and harvested in Australia. Aus Relax is warm and luxurious, combining the oils of Queensland Palmarosa, Tasmanian Flinders Island (Rosalina, Kunzea and Boronia co-distillation), Southwest Honey Myrtle and Tasmanian Lavender. This blend is designed to soothe stress […]


Aus Uplift

Aus Uplift is a bright and zesty addition to our collection of Australian essential oil blends, combining Southeast Lemon Myrtle and Tasmanian Lavender. A warm, herbaceous and sweet blend that may help clear mental fatigue and aid concentration, whilst also freshening the air in your home. Previously known as “Uplift”.  


Aus Winter Wellness

This blend consists of Australian grown and distilled essential oils of Southwest Tea Tree, West Australian Eucalyptus, Tasmanian Peppermint and South Australian Lemon. Designed to help ease the respiratory system and provide relief for symptoms of seasonal head colds and allergies. This aroma while refreshing and strengthening, may also invoke a comforting emotion reminiscent of […]


Australian Blends Sample Pack

This pack contains 5 x 5ml bottles, one each of Essential Oil Blends; Aus Winter Wellness, Aus Relax, Aus Uplift, Aus Breeze and Flinders Island. Each blend has been carefully created with 100% pure and natural essential oils that have been grown and distilled in Australia. The aromas of each blend represent the unique scents […]

Aus Breeze

The divinely scented Australian Breeze diffuser blend is one blend that is perfect for the home as an air cleanser which can neutralise airborne germs or to clear the air from unwanted smells. This all Australian blend is a combination of Lemon Myrtle and Rosalina, a perfect duo for your diffuser providing a fresh, vibrant […]


Bag Diffuser

The ultrasonic Purse Diffuser features a natural wooden base, with a white lamp cover dressed in a neat leather rope to give it a sack-like aesthetic. When turned on, the lamp has a lovely golden glow, a perfect bedside edition for night-time. With simple on/off operation, this diffuser is extremely user friendly and will turn […]


Bamboo Box Diffuser

This stylish, ultrasonic diffuser is made from real bamboo, for that natural wood look. With user friendly operation, the bamboo cube runs continuously or on intermittent mode and has 7 soothing LED backlight options with adjustable brightness. Product Features 200ml water capacity 7 shades of soothing LED colour Continuous and intermittent run time settings Approximately […]

Banksia Nut Pod Diffuser

A Heritage Oils favourite, the Banksia Nut Pod Diffuser is a wonderful gift for you, your friends and family. Ideally suited to our pure Australian Native oils, the Banksia pod looks beautiful in any room of the house, offering a natural, electricity free method of continual diffusing by gradually releasing a subtle aroma into the […]



One of our most popular diffuser blends, Be-Calmed is a relaxing blend of Frankincense, Eucalyptus Radiata, French Lavender and Rosemary, designed to support relaxation and de-stressing of the mind and body, whilst remaining focused. Formerly known as “Be-Calmed and Relaxing”.


Be-Calmed Roller

This convenient roller version of our very popular “Be Calmed” blend of Essential Oils comes pre diluted in Jojoba carrier oil for your safety and convenience. This aromatic blend of Frankincense, Eucalyptus Radiata, French Lavender and Rosemary is designed to support relaxation and de-stressing of the mind and body, whilst remaining focused.


Black Marble Diffuser

This chic marble-look ultrasonic diffuser is well suited to the modern home, with easy-to-use push start continuous or intermittent diffusing mode that runs on a 6-hour cycle, with a lovely warm-yellow glowing backlight. Colour variables: White Black Product Features 200ml water capacity Warm yellow LED light Continuous and intermittent run time settings Auto switch off […]


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