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Cold and Flu Fighter Kit

The Heritage Oils Cold and Flu Fighter Kit is just what you need to get you through the winter season. Each of the items in the kit has been hand-selected and crafted to assist with easing your symptoms and providing some relief. Made with essential oils that are known for anti-microbial properties, may improve respiratory […]


DIY Cleaning Kit

The DIY Cleaning Kit includes everything you need to kickstart your essential oil journey, and start replacing all your tough house-hold chemical cleaning products with pure and natural oil based recipes . Each of the oils included in this kit have been selected for their anti-microbial, refreshing, cleansing and deodorising properties. Not only will house […]


Essential Oils Travel Case

Our essential oil Travel Case is lightweight and boasts a durable, sturdy external casing to protect your essential oil bottles and avoid crushing during travel. Available in black, the case is made from easy to clean, high quality materials. Inside the case are individual elastic loops to hold each bottle snuggly and keep them separate […]


Flinders Island Essential Oil

Kunzea ambigua, Melaleuca ericifolia


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