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Heritage Oils carries all your aromatherapy equipment and accessories! From amber glass essential oil bottles, to jars, aromatherapy inhalers and pipettes, our practical blending equipment is suitable for the professional and home user.

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Essential Oils Travel Case

Our essential oil Travel Case is lightweight and boasts a durable, sturdy external casing to protect your essential oil bottles and avoid crushing during travel. Available in black, the case is made from easy to clean, high quality materials. Inside the case are individual elastic loops to hold each bottle snuggly and keep them separate […]

Felt Essential Oil Pouch

Created especially for Heritage Oils, our felt Essential Oil pouches are designed to fit our 5ml and 10ml Essential Oil bottles, along with our 10ml Pulse Points and aromatherapy inhalers. The large felt pouch will comfortably fit seven 10ml Essential Oil or seven Pulse Point roller bottles whilst the small pouch is sized to easily […]

Pine Resin

Also known as Pine Rosin (colophony), our Pine Resin is a golden honey in colour and semi transparent. Initially collected as an oleoresin exudate from a variety of pine trees, the resin is extracted through a heating or solvent process. Pine resin is a popular ingredient for making beeswax cloth wraps. Beeswax on its own […]


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