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Base and Carrier Oils

Heritage Oils offers a range of high quality Carrier Oils suitable for all your skincare needs. Highly nourishing, our Carrier Oils are suitable for all skin types and requirements. Also known as base oils, these healing, skin-loving oils have many uses, including for therapeutic massage, or to create your own liniments,ointments, pulse points, skin serums and bath oils. Most importantly, however, they are perfect for diluting Essential Oils for safe topical application.

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Create your own bath blends, aromatic room, linen and body sprays safely and with ease! With a neutral pH and having no colour or odour, our Solubiliser makes the perfect addition for emulsifying Essential Oils into your water based DIY creations.


Vitamin E Oil – Natural

Naturally derived, our Vitamin E oil is a viscous oil and an effective natural antioxidant. For this reason it is popular for use in skin, hair and body care products to prevent oxidation. Due to its ability to protect from free radicals, it is also very popular for aging skin.

Witch Hazel Extract

Witch Hazel is well regarded as a natural skin toner due to its potent astringent quality and natural alcohol content. Witch Hazel is widely used in aftershave and cleanser products, and as an addition to room and body sprays.


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