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Have you wanted to start using Essential Oils but don’t know where to start and if you’ve been searching for new Essential Oil recipes, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading to find our favorite recipes for sleep, health, and home. We’re sharing what makes these oils “essential”, how to use them safely and everything you need to know about these powerful oils.

Essential Oil Kits

The Heritage Oil Kits have been lovingly curated to provide a versatile, easy and affordable way to begin your aromatherapy adventure, to simply add to your collection, or as that perfect gift for a loved one. Each Kit contains a customised selection of 100% pure Essential Oils, along with recipe, safety, usage and dilution chart cards to assist you on your aromatic journey.

Essential Oils Guide

Essential Oils are powerful plant extracts, creating a path to well-being that we at Heritage Oils are committed to helping you discover.

Australia’s contribution to the world of Essential Oils is relatively small with one of its most recognised Essential Oils being Eucalyptus. Prior to European settlement, Indigenous Australians used oil from native plants for beverages, medicines and food. Early settlers took advantage of the oil containing plants from native species like Tea Tree for medicinal purposes and then in the early 19th century commercial production of Australian Essential Oils commenced. Australia now has the capacity to expand further in growing and manufacturing Essential Oils from both native and introduced species. At the crossroads of cutting-edge research, Heritage Oils has created a wide range of Essential Oils based products, solutions that empower you to avoid using harmful chemicals, enrich your life and help toward relieving stress. Reclaim your natural harmony.

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