How To Buy

Select Your Product and Add To Cart

  • Click on either Body Care Products, Skincare or Essential Oils Products.
  • Click on Add to Cart on the right-hand side of the product description or for more information on the product click on its image.
  • Once added, you will see this message: Success: You have added to your (selected product) to your shopping cart!
  • Note: To check what’s in your cart, click on Your Cart (with the shopping cart icon) at the top left of any page.

Continue Shopping Or Checkout

  • From Your Cart, you can checkout and pay or add more products before you checkout and pay.
  • To continue shopping, click on Continue Shopping further down the page OR
  • To checkout, first choose whether you would like to: Use Coupon Code, Use Gift Voucher  or Estimate Shipping & Taxes
  • Click on the circle to the left of your choice to select it.

Complete Checkout Details

  • If you chose Use Coupon Code or Use Gift Voucher type in the code on your coupon or voucher and then click Apply Coupon.
  • If you chose Estimate Shipping & Taxes click on each arrow to the right of the two boxes to select your Country and Region or State. Then, type in your postcode next to Post Code.


After your details have been entered you can either click Get Quotes to get an instant on-screen quote before you checkout, click Checkout to proceed straight to checkout or click Continue Shopping to continue adding products to your shopping cart before checking out.

If you chose Get Quotes select your shipping method and click on Apply Shipping.


  • Step 1: There are 2 options to complete your checkout: either as a New Customer or as a Returning Customer.
  • If you are a New Customer, you can either select Register Account to create an account with us or select Guest Checkout to checkout without registering.
  • If you are a Returning Customer you already have an account with us and can just fill-in your email address and password to proceed to checkout.
  • Steps 2 – 6. After Step 1 is complete, proceed with Steps 2 – 6, filling in the boxes as you go along, clicking Continue after each step until your checkout is complete.
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