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Diffuser Note No. 4 – Different Types Of Diffusers

Did you know there are different types of diffusers? At Heritage Oils we stock a variety of ultrasonic, nebulising and passive diffusers. Let’s take a look at the different types and how they work.

Our Ultrasonic Diffusers use a vibration technology to direct a fine cool mist up out of the unit (from the water tank) which carries essential oil particles into the air. These diffusers are perfect for regular usage, around children and in most rooms of the home or office. We even stock small ultrasonic diffusers for use in your car or plugged into your computer.

Our Nebulising Diffusers do not require water and operate in different ways. The HO ‘Nebuliser for the Home’, your chosen essential bottle attaches directly to the nebulising unit and highly pressured air pumps the essential oil particles through small tubes within the unit, turning the essential oil into a fine mist which is pushed out into the atmosphere in its purest form. With the HO ’Aladin Glass Nebuliser’, essential oil is added directly into the glass bowl, under which a small heating element very gently warms the essential oils and the pure vapours rise up out of the glass nozzle into the atmosphere.

And lastly, Passive Diffusers are not powered, they are simply natural objects or substances that you can drop your favourite essential oils onto to aid in scenting small spaces. They do not use heat, ultrasonic or nebulising technology to push the aroma into the atmosphere. The scent output is less intense than the other diffusers, and can be used continuously where a lower intensity of scent is wanted. The ever popular Heritage Oils Banksia Pod diffuser falls into this category of passive diffusion.

Check out our range of ultrasonic diffusers on our webstore.

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