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Diffuser Note No. 2

So you have a diffuser but aren’t sure of the guidelines for using it?

A great place to start is to read the instructions that come with your diffuser. Each diffuser in the Heritage Oils range contains a user manual individual to that diffuser.

Below are a few of our recommendations for using your diffuser. If you have questions, pop them in the comments below or contact us on

Ensure the area you are diffusing in is well ventilated.

  • For healthy adults, intermittent diffusing is a great place to start. For example 30 minutes on, then a 30 minutes break. For children, 15 minutes on, then 15 minutes off.
  • Ensure your diffuser is placed securely where it can’t be knocked off, cords won’t be tripped on or where young children can reach.
  • Ensure pets are easily able to leave the area if the aroma doesn’t agree with them, especially cats. Getting to know what essential oils are and are not pet friendly is a good idea too!
  • Less is best! Start with around 5 drops in a 100-150ml sized diffuser. Start with a low number of drops as you get to know which oils have strong aromas and need less.
  • If you have children in the house, ensure the essential oils you are diffusing are appropriate for their age.
  • Clean your diffuser regularly to ensure its optimal function. Follow the manufacturers guidelines.

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