Diffuser Blends

Diffuser Blends

Enjoy our collection of Diffuser Blends shared with you on social media during the month of December 2021.

Calm the Christmas Crazies!
Is there a little pre-Christmas craziness going on in your home? Let’s wind the pitch down a notch or two! These two blends are safe to diffuse around the kiddos (ie the crazies….).

2 drop Mandarin Essentail Oil
1 drop Rosalina North Essentail Oil
1 drop Spearmint Essentail Oil
1 drop Valencia Orange Essentail Oil


2 drops Mandarin Essentail Oil
2 drops Copaiba Essentail Oil
1 drop Rosalina South Essentail Oil
1 drop Bergamot Essentail Oil


Family Gathering
Whether you are celebrating with family and friends this year, or with just a few loved ones and a zoom call, tap into your essential oils to create a warm and inviting environment to enjoy this festive season.

2 drops Valencia Orange Essential Oil | Uplifting + Joyful
1 drop Cinnamon Essential Oil | Optimistic + Warming
1 drop Jasmine Absolut | Strengthening + Balancing
2 drop Bergamot Essential Oil | Lightness + Cheer



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