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Diffuser Blends

Support your health and well-being with aromatherapy!

At Heritage Oils we love creating and sharing diffuser blends.  Why not try one in your home diffuser and enjoy the aroma.

Try this bright and revitalising diffuser blend to keep you motivated!

1 drop Peppermint Essential Oil
2 drops Cedarwood Essential Oil
1 drop Lemon Ironbark Essential Oil

Room Refresh
Refresh your space with 100% pure Essential Oils of Lavender, Cedarwood, Tea Tree and Orange.

1 drop Lavender Essential Oil
1 drop Cedarwood Essential Oil
1 drop Tea Tree Essential Oil
2 drops Valencia Orange Essential Oil

Cleansing Rain
Inspired by how the rain cleanses our environment, leaving the air sweet and fresh in its wake.

2 drops Blue Cypress Essential Oil
1 drop Spearmint Essential Oil
2 drops Lemon Essential Oil
1 drop Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil or WA Sandalwood Essential Oil

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