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What we do

Our History

Heritage Oils is a small Australian essential oil company with a tradition of more than 10 years in sourcing, formulating and customising precious 100% natural products of Australian origin and beyond.

The business currently comprises an online retail store based out of Perth, Western Australia and is supplemented by seasonal pop-up stores reaching out to the wider Perth metropolitan area. Where possible, our natural products are directly sourced from the producer allowing Heritage Oils to serve customers of all sizes through both the retail and wholesale sectors. Heritage Oils offers Australian and International essential oils, inhouse essential oil blends, handmade skincare products as well as aromatherapy accessories. In addition, Heritage Oils has an ever popular range of mosquito repellent products, both 100% natural and extraordinarily effective.

The web-shop experiences ever increasing attention from our local, national and even international lovers of sustainable and unadulterated natural products.

Our Quality Guarantee

At Heritage Oils we understand that the health of the plants, harvesting of the plant material and the distillation process used to produce the Essential Oils are all key components in delivering quality products. From the very beginning, we ensure that the utmost care is taken with resourcing our oil to guarantee the quality of our Australian and International Essential Oils is never compromised. In many cases we are in direct contact with the growers and distillers and thus have established firm business relationships to ensure our strive for quality is met. We only use high-quality Australian Essential Oils, preferably grown with no or minimal use of chemicals, harvested at the optimal time and distilled with efficacy to produce the purest quality oil.

Our Products

Heritage Oils is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of essential oils skin care products. All of our essential oil products are 100% pure and natural and we supply both Australian and International Essential Oils. We search the market and work with many growers and distillers to ensure Heritage Oils brings our customers the finest quality essential oils available. For more information on essential oils and their uses, please visit the individual essential oil entries or go to the Heritage Oils blog for posts relating to Aromatherapy usage, safety and recipes.

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