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Heritage Oils is a small Australian Essential Oil brand with a tradition in sourcing, formulating and customizing precious 100% natural products of Australian origin and beyond.


For Body and Mind

Each day brings a unique set of experiences. And every Essential Oil has a unique set of qualities. So what happens when the two come together? Let’s find out.

Mozz Away

The Heritage Oils Outdoor Products combine the best of our outdoor living essentials to protect you and your family from mosquitoes, flies and other insects. Convenient and perfect for camping, picnics or BBQs in the backyard.

Love outdoor living a little more with our range of topical mosquito and tick repellents and post-bite products, diffuser blends, mozzie sticks and coils, and repellent Essential Oils. Crafted from 100% natural and effective ingredients, our Outdoor Products will ensure your next adventure to bush, beach, river or park is much more enjoyable.

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